Dwarf Freshwater Shrimp

Dwarf freshwater aquarium shrimp has become a much sought after addition to any freshwater aquarium due to their bright colours, interesting behaviour, and their algae eating abilities!

If you are looking for some cleaning shrimp for your aquascape, some high grade shrimp for breeding, or just a couple of intresting looking shrimp to add to your tank, ShrimpNation has you covered!

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Red Pandas

Quality Shrimp Food

Feeding high-quality shrimp food ensures your shrimp have the optimal nutrition and minerals to breed and enjoy a great life in your tank.

Biofilm is the natural shrimp food and slowly forms naturally in tanks, on botanicals and wood, but can be encouraged to grow faster with commercial products such as BacterAE.

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Sharing Knowledge

Shrimp Nation is committed to share the knowledge we have learned in our journey to become expert shrimp breeders. We share this freely to anyone willing to learn and help progress the hobby.

You can find all the guides and articles we currently have available over on Knowledge center.


We are an online-only store but are based just outside Somerset West, Cape Town. Pickup of orders allowed by appointment.

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