Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a physical store I can visit?

Not at the moment

Where are you based?

ShrimpNation is based just outside Somerset West in Cape Town.

What shipping is available?

  • Products and Drygoods: Economy TheCourierGuy (2-3 days)
  • Livestock: Economy TheCourierGuy (2-3 days) at a cost of R175-250 which includes packaging for livestock and DOA cover. (Additional costs for regional areas)
  • Express Local Same Day Delivery (For selected areas in Cape Town with prior arrangement).
  • Local Pickup for Cape Town clients.

Why is there additional costs when ordering more than 30 shrimp on a single order?

To increase the survival rate during shipping, a maximum of either 10 or 15 shrimp are shipped together. When 30 or more shrimp is ordered additional bags and shipping is required due to water volume. This may be different per order.

What are my payment options?

  1. Electronic funds transfers (EFT)
  2. Cash (Only available for local collection option)
  3. FNB GeoPay (Only available for local collection option)

Where can I find your address?

For local pickup orders, a meetup address will be sent to you once the order is confirmed and paid for.

What are your banking details?

Account Holder: ShrimpNation
Account Type: First business Zero account
Account Number: 62834672645
Branch Code: 250655

Please note that we do not accept cash deposits to the account, and in the event of one, a transaction fee may apply.

When are you getting in stock of X item?

For estimates of when stock will become available, kindly contact us and we can provide an update.

Do you offer livestock arrive alive guarantee?

Yes! On orders that are delivered within 72 hours and that was shipped with breather bags. Due to the sensitive nature of Sulawesi Shrimp, special arrangements are made with them.

Kindly note that once the package arrived and has been signed for DOA will end, and we can’t guarantee the survival of shrimp once they enter your tank.DOA timer starts as soon as the courier has picked up the package.

To claim for DOA, a photo of the livestock needs to be sent within an hour in the unopened bags either on email or Whatsapp.

My product is damaged! What do I do?

If you received a damaged product, kindly drop us an email with a picture and we will assist with repairing or replacing the product.

I don’t like these shrimp, can I replace them?

Regrettably, we do not do returns or replacements of livestock due to their sensitive nature.

What is a breather bags?

Breather bags are special livestock shipping bags that allows air to pass through it but water not. This ensures that livestock always have enough air and do not suffocate. The bags greatly improve alive arrival rates!