ShrimpNation Updates and News

25/04/2024: GlasGarten, Shirakura and SaltyShrimp has arrived! Please check out here for all the products back in stock.

12/04/2024: Please note that we are traveling for work. All orders placed between 12 April and 21 April will only be shipped out on the 22 of April. We thank you for your understanding.

03/02/2024: SMN Shrimp shipment arrived with all their products! Nets on special for a limited time.

03/02/2024: Our Neocaridina shrimp (Blue and Red) have finished their quarantine and are now available for purchase!

2023 News:

05/12/2023: We have opened up the store again for product sales! Shrimp sales will resume once we are comfortable with the new shrimp room.